Friday, April 7, 2017

Why is it cold in the spring?

The recovery was halted by love.
Before I could recover half, I gave all.
Now, I suffer with an emptiness
and naught to rebuild with

No new beginnings this spring
No sprouting hopes break the surface
It's still cold.
Death is still over the land--

You thought you spied the Son.
Just as quick as you caught what you thought was a glimpse,
your world froze over again.

Monday, January 21, 2013

An Unfinished Poem

An Unfinished Poem

We put you in a box God.
We put you in a box.
Not that we could ever box you
but we put you in a box designed by men

These boxes of religion
which are really just divisions
of the same body

Written while in transit from tutoring meeting to house. Sunday, January 20, 2013.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


My mother and father do not dream.
To dream is to risk some things:
like failure and fault or hurt.
If that simply comes with age,
let me never come to those days.

My mother scowls at the unseen.
My father despises everything,
that looks like a remnant of what
he had hoped for. So, whenever
they see me, it like looking at lost

It's like a surrender of just being,
and not thinking
and not creating
and not waking
up to the fact that life's dreams
are the only certain things
to bring life worth living.

Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm Looking Him in the Eyes

I'm looking Him in the eyes
thinking of what to say...
Father god help me today
I want to be the Way
the Truth, the Life
I want to be thanks and freedom
from strife.
I will live in your gaze 
in the cloud of your love
mysteries above - (hand motion for above) KNOWLEDGE
You in all and through all
and we...the same.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

From the Father to a Child

From the Father to a Child

I swear by my name, you do not know how I adore you.
My child who I framed in the womb of your mother
I wrote songs about you before you were done
taking your first breath
And, I had dreams about how I would give your everything
and rest from your labors
You thought you could labor to love me
You thought if you labored I'd love you
more than I do,
but child, my child, MY child
If I had made you for any other reason but to love you,
I had blaphemed my name.
Do not be cast off
or go astray
today I am telling you the truth
I am bringing heaven down to be with you
and to heaven you'll ascend
just look within
I've giving you my Spirit.
I've given you my heart.
And, I will never leave you
no, not any more than the waters can leave the shores
I want to permeate your every part
Illuminate the places you've given over to
dark desires
I will wash upon you, through you
and make you clean
when you stop hiding and allow me
I swear by no others, but by my great name
there are none else before you
I AM's your first name.

It is said that females are given away, and take on the name of their husband.
Surely, we are the bride of Christ, but Daddy God is saying. I gave you a first
name, not a last name. Before Abraham I AM. Before Jennifer I AM. Before
Lis I AM. Your first name is I AM, just like His.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Have a Talent

I think that I put this poem on video, but I never uploaded it. Anyway, I'm clearing out my old journals, and I found this one.

You have a talent
whether hobby or game
You have a talent
That's known like your name

You have a talent
that you love to build
You have a talent
that you must not yield

You have a talent
for which you can say
it sets you on fire
I'll do it each day

Come teach that talent
I'll show you today
how others make thousands
the empowered way.

-Lis Carpenter

And, that was the launch of for me. The idea is that you can really learn how to profit from teaching others about your talents and tapping into online communities, interest groups, that you would enjoy anyway, and profit from it.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm a Poet with a Problem

Making this poem was the most amazing experience because I felt my energy levels go back up to super nova when I was speaking. I was really listening and reaching for Jehovah. I believe He speaks through us when we let Him, so that's what I won't be forgetting, and He's the one on which I'm betting from now on. I'm just taking second seat, and letting Him bring the heat that makes you press the repeat button. Have a listen.

I just have to add one more thing before I post the words. By the way, I did add the text to the closed captioning thing so that the hearing impaired and listening impaired (I often fall into this category) can enjoy the message too; make your art.

 Poet With A Problem

I am a poet with a problem. I seem to have trouble memorizing the words of

my poems, memorizing the lines, so I want to share something new today

making up as I go along... I am a poet with a problem. And, um, problems

are good if you try and solve them. And, so I'm trying to solve this one right

here by just speaking kind of what comes to my ears or maybe it's coming

from the inside I don't know, but I hope these words are coming through

clear because I want to grow in this gift that I know I've been given, yet I've

been hindered (it's been hidden).  And, it's kind of forbidden for a poet to

flow just like the lyricists do because were separated though we're the same,

and one just understands the tunes. And, I want to make music and I want to

make poems, yet one is easier, I just flow in them. So, I'm going to speak

what comes to my mind and I'm going to hope that its rhyming and it's on

time, and all the other things that poets do with the music, with the performing

and with whatever ways they reach you and speak to you, I'm going to just

ignore those things and do what I do well which is listening and saying and

telling what I can tell which is not a lot as you can see, it's kind of like

rhyming ABCs, but whatever it is in the end I know that I'm using what I've

been given, and that kind of gives me a warm feeling inside. In fact, it feels

like fire, and it feels like I've died and risen again because I'm depending on

Him, and yet, in a certain way, it's okay because I never was here for my

own glory, and I'm just here to tell His story, and His story is the one, the

Jesus Christ that you've ready about probably once or twice in a Bible or

maybe you've heard it in a spoken word by another person who memorizes

their words, but I can't seem to do that, so I'm just going to speak what

comes to mind because I think that I can rhyme on time, and so I'm going to

be doing that from now on, and I hope you enjoy the poems, the songs, and

stay with me more to come.

-Lis Carpenter

Now, I know letting go and surrendering to the flow is the best way to go. Memorizing hinders the rate at which you create, so is there a way to pick up the pace. What if you really knew that the flow wasn't from you but through you. Then, would you just do what you knew?